Why do you need IT inventory?

Gather and access exact information about what you really own, who and what is using, and how you can optimize existing investments.


Unnecessary hardware replacement, IT assets lost in your network or allocated to employees underutilizing them is affecting your company performance.

Are your IT assets costing you extra?



Keep Warranty Information

Keep warranty information and all other relevant data about the assets in one place.

Increase employee productivity

Your employees are an expensive resource. Spot immediately when one of your power user is needing additional resources.

Save precious time

It can be difficult to physically track every IT asset you own. Forget about this nightmare and gain precious time to focus on your core-business.

60 Seconds Reporting

Forget about the longer hours spent trying to figure out where everything is and get complete reports in a few seconds.

Easy inventory

Use QR Codes for smart inventory and easily identify your equipment when needed.

Alarm when needed

Set your own alarms on unauthorized hardware configuration or when a device is about to leave the assigned location.





Optimize existing investments

Easily spot low costs, major gains upgrade opportunities and make your users more productive without breaking the bank.

Keep yourself informed

Stay informed about major hardware changes
in order to keep your network protected.

Real-time means useful data

Easily spot updated information of all your IT devices. Real-time changes in your network, including current location of any device you own.

Start keeping full track